Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon: The Top Motorcycle Race Fairings for Track Days

Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon: The Top Motorcycle Race Fairings for Track Days

Track days are an excellent opportunity for motorcycle enthusiasts to push their bikes to the limit in a safe and controlled environment. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, a track day can help you improve your riding skills and get the most out of your bike. But to truly unleash your inner speed demon, you need the right equipment, including a high-quality race fairing. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the top motorcycle race fairings for track days, with a particular focus on CMW Motorcycles.

CMW Motorcycles is a British company that specializes in building hand-built, high-performance motorcycles. They offer a range of race fairings designed for different types of racing, including track day racing.

Top Race Fairings for Track Days

  1. CMW Moto2 Fairing - The Moto2 fairing is designed specifically for the Moto2 class of motorcycle racing. It's made from high-quality carbon fiber and features an aggressive design that maximizes airflow and reduces drag. This fairing is perfect for riders who want to achieve maximum speed and performance on the track.

  2. CMW World Superbike Fairing - The World Superbike fairing is designed for World Superbike racing, which is one of the most prestigious motorcycle racing series in the world. It's also made from carbon fiber and features a sleek, streamlined design that reduces drag and increases top speed. This fairing is perfect for riders who want to compete at the highest level and achieve the best possible lap times.

  3. CMW Endurance Racing Fairing - The endurance racing fairing is designed for riders who want to compete in long-distance races. It's made from high-quality materials and features a more relaxed design that prioritizes comfort and durability over aerodynamics. This fairing is perfect for riders who want to compete in endurance races and need a fairing that can withstand the rigors of long-distance racing.

Why Choose CMW Motorcycles Race Fairings?

CMW Motorcycles race fairings are the perfect choice for riders who demand the best possible performance from their bikes. Their fairings are made from high-quality materials like carbon fiber, which provides superior protection and aerodynamic performance. They're also customizable to the rider's specific needs and preferences, ensuring the best possible fit and performance.

In addition to their race fairings, CMW Motorcycles also offers a range of other high-performance motorcycle parts and accessories, including exhaust systems, suspension upgrades, and brake kits.


If you're a motorcycle enthusiast who loves track days, a high-quality race fairing is essential. And if you're looking for the best race fairings on the market, CMW Motorcycles has you covered. With their range of customizable, high-performance race fairings, you can unleash your inner speed demon and achieve the best possible lap times on the track.

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