Motorcycle boots for the track: how to choose them?

Motorcycle boots for the track: how to choose them?

Choose properly!

Properly selected motorcycle boots provide comfort and convenience in use.
Not only in terms of lightness and fit, but also guarantees firm support on the footpeg and precise operation of the shift and rear brake levers. Most importantly, high quality motorcycle boots ensure the safety of your ankles and feet! Badly shod on a motorcycle, the ankle can be twisted.
So, which motorcycle boots to choose, if the choice is so wide and they differ not only in price, but also in design and specifics? Here is the guide to choosing your next pair of motorcycle boots for the trail.

Tall motorcycle boots

High top motorcycle boots are by far the most popular choice among motorcyclists, and it's no wonder. They offer the highest safety and weather protection, combined with high comfort of use. High boots can be both extremely sporty (extremely rigid, with many pads) and hiking.
The black Alpine stars SMX-6 V2 motorcycle boots are a continuation of the legendary popular model of high motorcycle boots. Details, safety and design have been refined. The outer hinge with heel reinforcement prevents twisting and the longer slider straddles the sole. It has efficient ventilation and EVA foam in the insole to improve ergonomics.

Mid-rise motorcycle boots or half-boots

Mid-rise motorcycle boots are an interesting proposition. It is an alternative to high motorcycle boots, which, for example, would not want to tuck the pants in, or if the rider wants more freedom of movement.
The Ixon Kassius Black motorcycle boots have a unique style. The appearance is typical of road/touring motorcycle boots, they are excellent. They are distinguished by a slender upper wrapped in a Velcro closure, as well as a system with the ATOP drawstring. They are not only comfortable and safe, but also waterproof and light!

Short motorcycle boots: to be avoided for the track

With short upper motorcycle boots you can take a longer route without scruples, but it is in a crowded city, between hot engines, that they will be the most suitable thanks to their lightness and comfort. They are not recommended for track motorcycling…
Falco Lennox is a style in itself. They look like typical “sneakers”. In addition to being tied with laces, they have a side zipper for easier insertion. The ankle guard, the reinforced fifth or the non-slip sole ensure safety. The Air-Tech insert will provide the necessary ventilation.
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