How to repair a motorcycle fairing with epoxy resin

How to repair a motorcycle fairing with epoxy resin

Have you ever crashed your motorcycle?

If so, you know the sad feeling you get as you watch her hit the ground. A common result in this scenario is a cracked fairing. A new one can cost you $500 or more, probably more than you have budgeted for right now.
Maintaining your bike is expensive enough as it is, so you might be happy to hear that you can fix a cracked fairing in your garage for well under $500.

All you need is:

Glossy paper
Manufacturer's recommended fairing primer and paint
Epoxy is great for repairing cracks, filling holes and filling surface imperfections in most plastics, metals and wood. It is also easy to use. It is good to keep LOCTITE® EA 445 „¢ Fast Cure Epoxy Mixer Cupson handy for such situations. It is a two-component epoxy that comes in convenient single-use capsules.

Here's how to fix your cracked fairing with epoxy:

  1. Clean the area where you will apply the epoxy with 280-grit sandpaper. This will create a rough surface for the epoxy to work on. A rough surface is essential for a strong grip. Be sure to sand both the inside and outside of the fairing around the crack area as you will be applying epoxy to both sides.
  1. After sanding, remove any dust and be sure to clean the area.
  1. Open the package and press down in the centre with the provided applicator stick. This will create a cup.
  1. You will notice that there are two different colored parts inside the package. One is epoxy resin and the other is amine resin. Using the applicator stick, mix the two components until it is a consistent colour.
  1. Using the applicator stick, apply the mixed epoxy evenly to the outside of the crack area. You will have 5-15 minutes to work with the epoxy before it sets.
  1. Let the epoxy cure for 24 hours, then apply more to the inside of the cracked area. Again, wait 24 hours for a full cure.
  1. Again, wait 24 hours for a full cure.
  1. Clean the area of ​​any dust or debris, then coat with the manufacturer's recommended primer and paint. And that's all it takes.
Your fairing can be repaired over a weekend paying for just the epoxy and some paint a huge money saver instead of a full replacement.
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