An innovative fairing for the Aprilia RS-GP

An innovative fairing for the Aprilia RS-GP

In search of lost cargo. Banned the winglets, the wings of discord, the recent winter tests have shown all the solutions that the manufacturers are preparing to be able to recover that aerodynamic load. Research was therefore not stopped by the (short-sighted) legislator, but continued towards new solutions.

In the beginning it was Yamaha, with its openings in the hull, those planks with fins inside that served to better convey the air with the dual function of cooling and loading. An interesting technical ploy, a solution – these of the double fairing – which doesn't break the rules, by not exceeding the outer limits of the fairing.

That it is in any case an "added" solution is quite evident: a sort of bypass of the rule with an evidently clear but still limited effect compared to what was seen in 2016.

Yamaha and Suzuki have taken this path while waiting to see what Honda and - above all - Ducati will present, which will only reveal its fairing close to the first race in Qatar. It should also be underlined that this year only two types of fairings will be deployable which must be approved in advance by the federation.

Aprilia showed its own path. The house from Noale did not come up with a solution along the lines of the two Japanese houses, but – thanks to extensive work in the wind tunnel, presented a fairing with two large ducts at the edges. The attempt is the same - to drive the air, optimize the flow and then generate load - the opposite way. No wing but so-called "NACA" ducts. In fact, it is the surface itself in this case, in its molded and machined shape, that creates depression points and therefore generates aerodynamic downforce.

The downside could be the loss of speed, but in Aprilia they are quite sure of the solution sought. On the other hand, Espargaro's performance is also testimony to the good work around Noale. If the men from Albesiano manage to find even more power for their engine, the RS-GP could prove to be an uncomfortable customer for many..

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